My name is Daniel Zayas, and I deal in absolutes. While Kickstarter has drastically improved their analytics dashboard, they still don’t show you the full picture. When you get a prototype review or buy a BoardGameGeek banner ad, are the people who consume that content the same people who buy your game?

Are they even clicking to get to the campaign?

I can see how many of your backers came from a particular YouTube video, advertisement, or giveaway promotion. I can give you that knowledge and then guide you to make better decisions with your marketing budget.

But that only scratches the surface…

A Brief Timeline

In April 2006, I joined the United States Air Force to become an Airborne Cryptologic Linguist. It was the hardest mental and physical challenge I have had the pleasure of successfully completing.

After my contract was complete with the Air Force in 2011, I used the Post 9/11 GI Bill to attend Arizona State University. I graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, where I focused my attentions on new media, entrepreneurship, and public relations.

At the same time, I was playing 4-6 new board games every week at a community game night I helped organize and facilitate. This fire-hose method to learning new games paired with the marketing plans I was developing pushed me toward the Kickstarter platform.

In 2013, I launched my first website publication to help systematize Kickstarter’s best practices for tabletop game creators. I read the entirety of what thought leaders, such as Jamey Stegmaier and James Mathe, were writing. I also joined and learned from many online communities dedicated to Kickstarter and tabletop gaming. Via my free web projects, I created a rubric for other creators to read and discuss.

But the platform evolved and matured as quickly as the game industry.

Soon, nearly every campaign was adopting the superficial best practices to varying extents, leading to a glut of games on Kickstarter. Many campaigns which looked great still struggled to fund and required a reworking of my initial stance on best practices.

Today’s Best Practices

Today I am the Marketing Director for Eagle-Gryphon Games, a tabletop game publisher. I serve in leadership roles for more than 20 active crowdfunding or tabletop game related online communities, where I offer free advice and block spammers. I also follow a set of basic principles and plans any creator, big and small, can comfortably rely on to find lasting success in the tabletop games industry.

Premarket and Solicit Feedback

Let’s bring most of your customers to the launch. With my help, you can improve your game, target influencers, attend demonstration opportunities and build a following long before you ask for their money.

Invest in Good Art

Almost no game stands a chance in the tabletop world today without great art, a celebrity endorsement, or a huge marketing budget. With my help, you can save money on iterations of art by obtaining the bare minimum required to solicit feedback and make changes early.

Create Value

Let’s source your quotes accurately, plan for stretch goals, and structure your launch to target the impulse buyer who is already dying to get their hands on your game.

Advertise Intelligently

It doesn’t take a large budget to advertise a tabletop game. However, it is easy to waste that budget if you don’t understand the pitfalls. Let me help you direct your advertisements intelligently and monitor where your backers are coming from in no uncertain terms.