Pepper and Carrot and Nine Other Winners!

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Most Funded New Campaigns

1. Pepper and Carrot: The Potion Contest

Project By: Loyalist Games – Pepper and Carrot, are taking part in the Kamona Potion Contest. Which witch will finish their potions the fastest to win the prize?

2. Perdition’s Mouth: Traitor Guard Expansion

Project By: Timo Multamäki @ Arctic Union – A Cultist turned traitor offers to help the Heroes. New scenarios, a new Hero and expansions to every aspect of PM:AR.

3. Trash Pandas

Project By: Michael Eskue – Trash Pandas – the card game of raucous raccoons and tipped trash cans. When you’re a Trash Bandit: Trash IS Treasure.

4. Habitats 2nd Edition

Project By: Corné van Moorsel – Build your wildlife park! Provide the right habitats for animals, build watchtowers and access roads and supply trekking places.

5. La Cosa Nostra – Guns For Hire

Project By: Johannes Sich – The expansion for the hard-hitting mafia card game. New gangsters and new ways to pull your fellow players across the table.

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Most Funded Unfunded New Campaigns

DISCLAIMER. I am not a time lord. These campaigns may have funded in the time between the list being created and this post being published.

1. Code Triage

Project By: Brandon Young – A cooperative emergency room board game for 1-4 players that plays in 60-120 minutes. Work together and save the hospital!

2. Ascended Kings Board Game & Graphic Novel

Project By: Incarnate Games – Legendary artists combine their powers to bring you one of the most beautiful fantasy games ever created! Watch our video & pledge now!

3. Street Wars NYC

Project By: Iain McDonald – Street Wars NYC, a new range of 1970’s New York gangs and rules. Battle it out on the means streets of the Big Apple.

4. Spookre

Project By: David Sheppard – Spookre is a quick playing Trick-Taking game with a ghostly twist.

5. Serengeti: A Race for Life

Project By: GCT Studios – A deck building card game set in the African savannah.

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