Unstable Unicorns Raised the Most Money This Week

Board Game Badger lists the top five funded campaigns and top five (un)funded campaigns each week. These campaigns have only been active at most for one week. Be sure to watch the videos below and follow the links to learn more about the most funded new campaigns! You can register for a free account now to see my opinions on these campaigns!

Most Funded New Campaigns

1. Unstable Unicorns

Project By: Ramy Badie – A strategic card game that will destroy your friendships…but in a good way.

2. Tanto Cuore: Winter Romance

Project By: Japanime Games – Winter Romance introduces Butlers, romance & new game mechanics to Tanto Cuore! Ignite the fires of love to escape the cold of winter!

3. Omnitray: The Modular Board Game & Tabletop Player Organiser

Project By: Steve Green – Omnitray is a fully customisable, modular board game and tabletop gaming player aid that assists you with a range of your gaming needs

4. Radiant – A War in Three Ages

Project By: Randal Marsh – The Radiant Cycle has turned again—the War of Three Ages is upon us. Control the beautiful land of Perim with trick-taking battles.

5. Octagon Dice Tray With Dice Staging Area and Lid

Project By: Easy Roller Dice Company – Octagon shaped dice tray that has a dice staging area and velvet rolling surface.

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Most Funded Unfunded New Campaigns

DISCLAIMER. I am not a time lord. These campaigns may have funded in the time between the list being created and this post being published.

1. Darkholds: Ancient Barrows

Project By: Mierce Miniatures – In the dark holds, YOU command heroes to gather treasure, fight creatures of darkness and gain the ultimate prize – life after death…

2. Avertigos- A 3D Boardgame with Flying Sail-Ship Miniatures

Project By: Siddharth Jain – A unique Board Game with moddable Sail-Ships engaging in innovative 3D Tactical manoeuvres on the Table top.


Project By: QST HUB – QST is the subscription tabletop game box that delivers a BRAND NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN game by CREATIVE SUPERSTARS every other month!

4. Wanted Earth Miniatures Board Game

Project By: Shadow Squirrel Games – An action packed miniatures board game for 1-7 players. Play as heroes defending Earth or alien races trying to take it over!

5. Vegas Wits & Wagers

Project By: North Star Games – Turn your living room into a Vegas casino. Wits & Wagers is history’s most award-winning party game, and it just got better.

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Daniel Zayas

Daniel Zayas is owner and curator of this website. He has been ranking Kickstarter game campaigns via the Board Game Badger for three years. Daniel runs a consultant business via this website as well. Feel free to reach out to him in the links below.


  1. Hi Daniel — I’d like a way of registering for regular updates whenever these are posted (so I’d get an email whenever there’s a new one posted) — is there a way of doing this, or do we receive them automatically because we’ve registered?

  2. Are you ever going to come back and fill in your thoughts on these? I really want to know why a subscription service didn’t fund on kickstarter. Seems like a no-brainer…

    • At this point, it is not in the plans to come back this far in the content to justify the lists. To answer your question though, they launched before they had a following and relied too heavily on Kickstarter being their marketing engine.

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