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I am a verified Kickstarter Expert specializing in tabletop games and have been helping Kickstarter campaigns for three years achieve success. As such, I consult with creators on a variety of topics to truly incubate a Kickstarter campaign, such as:

  • Pledge level and funding goal evaluation based on minimum order quantities and components
  • Manufacturing partners from whom to solicit quotes
  • Shipping and fulfillment partners from whom to solicit quotes
  • Pre-marketing and community building around your game
  • Best practices for campaign layout, to include proof of concept, third party reviews, and viable stretch goals
  • Best use of your advertising budget to get the maximum ROI

Be sure you have a working prototype in hand for what you intend to produce on Kickstarter. It helps for me to learn about your game to see if it will be a good fit for me to take you on as a client. If you do not add me as a contact on Skype as described on Calendly at least 24 hours before your appointment I will assume your request for a consultation is not real.

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