Daniel Zayas
I am a

manufacturing and marketing professional

who loves

tabletop games


Director of Communications, LongPack Games

Answering directly to the CEO, I facilitate official outgoing communications in collaboration with the marketing and account managers. Additionally, I am leading numerous projects to improve client experience.

Founder, Tabletop Backer Party

I founded the largest Facebook Group dedicated to crowdfunded tabletop games. I work with contracted content creators to add value to campaigns.


Educational Advisory Committee Chairperson, Games Manufacturers Association

I work with a talented volunteer committee to push forward projects which benefit the educational pursuits within the tabletop industry. Some of our latest projects include a publisher guide to wholesale, a program to help retailers host events in libraries and schools, and expansion of the web portal video content series.

Administrator, Board Game Reviewers & Media Facebook Group

I help run the largest Facebook Group that connects publishers and content creators for content solicitations and technique improvement.

Administrator, Solo Board Gamers Facebook Group

I help run the largest Facebook Group that solo game hobbyists use to connect to each other and discuss solitaire tabletop games.


Tangled Timelines

In debuting this game, I worked with LongPack Games to produce innovative packaging around the concept of a matchbox, creating the Matchbox Series. The game itself takes a classic Poker variant and adds complexity for the modern hobbyist gamer.


Starting as a joke between friends, Mechanisms is now the party game that only hobbyist gamers are able to play (niche, I know). I used this product in experimenting with The Game Crafter’s Crowd Sale platform. Many things went right with this experiment and I am happy their community has this game in their hands.

When Cutie Met Patootie

The first game I carried from beginning to end. When Cutie Met Patootie is a fairly abstract design. The challenge was to create a captivating world around the game to better appreciate the gameplay.