A Dog’s Life – Reviewer Game of the Quarter!

Posted by Daniel Zayas October 1, 2017 in Awards

Congratulations to the publishers, fans, and most of all the reviewers for A Dog’s Life!

Each quarter, the Board Game Reviewers Group on Facebook conducts a poll to determine the game of the quarter. For this poll, a game will earn 10 to 1 points based on its position on the poll itself from best to 10th best. Games get bonus points for any original review content created within that quarter for the game linked in the comments.

Admittedly, A Dog’s Life was a love it or hate it type game, as popular family-style games tend to be. But for the reviewer’s group, it was all about understanding the market for whom this product was created and adding that filter to their opinions of the game. Here are the four pieces of original content linked in the comments of the poll which added to A Dog’s Life’s number one spot in the polls.

A Dog’s Life – Linked Content

Jesta the Rogue –
Review – A Dog’s Life

A Pawn’s Perspective – Review – A Dog’s Life

Engaged Family Gaming – Kickstarter Review: A Dog’s Life

Plumpy Thimble –
Game Review: A Dog’s Life

Top 10 Games of 2017’s Third Quarter

Lastly, here are the full listings for the top 10 games per the Board Games Reviewers Group this quarter.

  1. A Dog’s Life (Poll: 10, Content: 4)
  2. Barenpark (Poll: 8, Content: 4)
  3. First Martians (Poll: 9, Content: 2)
  4. Herbaceous (Poll: 7, Content: 3)
  5. Unearth (Poll: 5, Content: 2)
  6. The Stonebound Saga (Poll: 6, Content: 0)
  7. Photosynthesis (Poll: 4, Content: 1)
  8. Downforce (Poll: 3, Content: 1)
  9. Seikatsu (Poll: 1, Content: 3)
  10. Peltapeeps (Poll: 0, Content: 4)

Thank you for participating

Quarter 4’s poll is already live here. I would encourage all publishers to get as many (p)reviews of their game as possible and encourage that the reviewers participate in this poll. The number one spot gets 3 months of free advertising in the group header! Reviewers, if you see popular games in the poll, ask yourself why you are not creating content of those games for your audience.