Success Stories 4: Build Trust

When I list a campaign on the Board Game Badger, I reach out to the publisher to ask them a single question: “What are you doing right in this campaign?” Regardless of whether the publisher meets the funding goal, it is important that we realize real people are working very hard to make games for us. I hope to humanize their campaigns a little in this way.

Build Trust

“I think that what we are doing right is that we just try to deliver good games, developed and produced with care. And campaign after campaign, game after game, this creates a bond of trust with our public. For example, we waited to launch this campaign after we completed delivering our previous Kickstarter (Dungeon Time). We waited to launch the campaign until fulfillment was finished so that we could rely on an even greater crowd of satisfied backers.”
The Ares Games Team

Keep it Simple

“What am I doing right? Listening to backers. Simple reward levels and shipping. Providing products that target both Kickstarter and retail markets. I am listening to backer’s requests for future stretch goals and new content. Simple rewards that are structured to minimise the number of add-ons, without having too many reward levels. Shipping is also kept simple. One price for certain regions, plus a little bit more for everywhere else. I’ve also purposefully designed products that should sell well on both Kickstarter and retail.”
Shem Phillips, Garphill Games

Take it Seriously

“Foremost, we want our backers to be happy and not be disappointed with the final product when they get it in their hands. They are people who supported us on good faith, and we do not want to fail them. But if I am forced to say what I did right, I guess it’s to do with the game itself. As its creator, I have given Crossroads of Heroes a lot of time and space to grow as organically as I could, but at the same time trying not to let it wither. It has been a tough process, considering that I am only a first-time creator and am prone to making mistakes. So, hopefully, with a bit of luck, Crossroads of Heroes will grow into something worthwhile for people to enjoy. ”
Pat Piper

Take it Seriously

“Our Kickstarter campaign is successful because we have a unique and exciting game that provides a fun experience for its players. We use our best efforts to get it in people’s hands, through stores, convention, and even public schools. It is simple enough for a new player to jump right in, yet strategic enough for a hardcore gamer to appreciate. Our events create a positive high energy gaming environment and help to draw attention to our product. We pride ourselves on the play it forward an initiative to bring in more players. We use different marketing that reflects our game theme, such as fortune cookies, Chinese takeout menus, and food containers, so our product stands out.”
Steve Resk, SRG Universe



Daniel Zayas

Daniel Zayas is owner and curator of this website. He has been ranking Kickstarter game campaigns via the Board Game Badger for three years. Daniel runs a consultant business via this website as well. Feel free to reach out to him in the links below.


  1. It’s good to hear of these success stories, especially for the smaller companies that use Kickstarter.

  2. It is tough when so many Kickstarters fail to deliver what they promise. It has made me very selective where I pledge money to after I had a few disappointments.

  3. KEEP IT SIMPLE – As someone new to Kickstarter backing, this is very important for me.

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