Success Stories 6: Magic Worlds

When I list a campaign on the Board Game Badger, I reach out to the publisher to ask them a single question: “What are you doing right in this campaign?” Regardless of whether the publisher meets the funding goal, it is important that we realize real people are working very hard to make games for us. I hope to humanize their campaigns a little in this way.

Magic Worlds

“We all need a distraction from the real world, something that makes us put down our phones and let the problems of the day go. That is the world we have created with The Grimm Forest. You see the characters and the scenery and you are instantly interested in what lies within this project. It’s magic.”
James Hudson, Druid City Games

Goal Setting

“The most important step is to have a good game. Second, build a crowd; that is really what Kickstarter is all about! Third, be proactive, go out, reach people, and answer as many questions as you can. And Fourth, have a good product, many surprises, beautiful art and enjoy what you are doing!”
Maxime Tardif, Sphere Games

Rising to the Occasion

“We are not afraid to do what needs to be done to give the game the best chance to succeed as humanly possible. People loved the game, but wanted less bleak graphics. We listened and made the change, despite it being a massive undertaking. People are extremely happy to see us elevate the look of our game.”
Travis R. Chance, Indie Boards & Cards

Appealing to the Masses

“In the past, we have tackled big Kickstarter projects, like the Titan Series, with lots of moving pieces. With Dicey Peaks, we had an incredible game from Scott Almes, which does well with families or as a gateway game, and we wanted a simpler campaign to bring it to life. You can get the base game, or you can get the deluxe version – choose the one that fits you best. Because this is a lighter game which can be used to introduce new folks to the gaming hobby, we are excited to see that a large number of backers are new to Kickstarter, or haven’t backed games before. Our hope is that they will love Dicey Peaks and step into the wider world of games out there!”
Chris Leder, Calliope Games


“I’m continuing to put the word out on Twitter, Facebook, and about my ongoing Kickstarter for Wu Wei. I’ve also been networking with friends in the board game industry to set up demonstrations at local game stores. Every day I try to put out something new. Right now I’m working on uploading another play session so people can watch the game being played in various configurations.”
Justin Waggle, Gray Wolf Games



Daniel Zayas

Daniel Zayas is owner and curator of this website. He has been ranking Kickstarter game campaigns via the Board Game Badger for three years. Daniel runs a consultant business via this website as well. Feel free to reach out to him in the links below.


  1. This is a great one!

  2. Love this kind of content. Small bites of valuable insights.

  3. I can appreciate James Hudson’s comment. Its one of the big things that I enjoy about games!

  4. James Hudson has developed an online presence that is about the spirit of the boardgaming community, not just a commercial for his games. That is why his company is thriving from the start.

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