Doomtown Reloaded Raised the Most Money LAST Week

Board Game Badger lists the top five funded campaigns and top five (un)funded campaigns from the prior week. These campaigns have only been active at most for one week. Be sure to watch the videos below and follow the links to learn more about the most funded new campaigns! You can register for a free account now to see my opinions on these campaigns!

Most Funded New Campaigns

1. Doomtown Reloaded There Comes a Reckoning

Project By: Shane Hensley – Doomtown Reloaded’s newest expansion—There Comes a Reckoning—has revamped rules and the Servitors, the biggest badasses of Deadlands!

2. Wander: “The Cult of Barnacle Bay”

Project By: Panda Cult Games – Lead the brave heroes sent from the Wanderer’s Guild to discover and end the corruption taking place in Barnacle Bay!

3. The Networks: Executives

Project By: Gil Hova – A big expansion to The Networks, the hit board game where you run your own TV network!

4. Consentacle: A Card Game of Human-Alien Intimacy

Project By: Naomi Clark – Consentacle is a game where you and a partner help a tentacled alien and a curious human have a mutually satisfying romantic encounter.

5. Zero Gravity: A Magnetic Miniatures Game

Project By: District Games – An innovative 3D arena with 80+ magnetic miniatures. A capture-the-flag game for 2-4 players with a fresh and unique game play.

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  • Doomtown Reloaded is very much a cookie-cutter campaign with not much experimentation. This game is an existing product with a large following, so they didn’t spend a ton of time luring in new followers to the series. They focused on what current fans would be interested in, so you will notice extra real estate dedicated to new features and very little explanatory space for newcomers. I might have dedicated more space for the likely would-be backers who happen not to have heard of the game before. We all start somewhere!
  • Wander is the latest to implement dynamic story headers, so I want to dive deeper. I think this speaks to a trend of fewer and fewer veteran backers spending time watching videos. My advice is to make a quality video still, but probably don’t spend a ton of money there if you planned to before. It’s just not creating the conversions to justify I think. Also, pay close attention to Wander fully implementing the CMON Kickstarter Exclusive overload strategy. Hate it or love it, this drives traffic better than any other tactic, in my opinion.
  • Okay I want you to take a look specifically at how long it takes Gil to welcome newcomers who may not have heard of The Networks and help them get up to speed and learn about the base game. Love it. Also, The Networks is just awesome. I was lucky for Gil to discover me early in my career and take a chance on sending me a review prototype of the original game. It did okay on Kickstarter but was a sleeper hit soon after and now we get to see its real market power with this expansion. Many congrats.
  • YES! Okay, sexual theme aside, Consentacle is going to be one of those rare moments I get to put on my game design hat and say if you have any ambition to keep up with modern 2-player game design, you should have this one under your belt. Or over your belt. I’m not judging. The campaign is pretty well-laid out to boot. But the star here is the game itself. I might ask for a review copy or back it to dig a little deeper into this project. Don’t judge me.
  • Zero Gravity brings us even more innovation in the product development department! Finally, a game with realistic space combat. Okay, it’s just magnets inlaid to a board, but still pretty cool. Also, they managed to squeeze a quote out of the ever elusive Tom Vasel for their campaign. If you have your game at an event, and they have VIPs at this event, your number one ROI for that event is to sit down with that VIP and see if they will officially comment on your game for use in your marketing. Pro tip: I am never that VIP.


Most Funded Unfunded New Campaigns

DISCLAIMER. I am not a time lord. These campaigns may have funded in the time between the list being created and this post being published.

1. Scrooge The Board Game

Project By: Simon Gerring – A survival board game for families and fun-loving adults. Can you out-scrooge, Scrooge?

2. Slang N’ Friendz

Project By: Edwin “Lil’ Shorty” Benton – A Party Card Game for cool and uncool people.


Project By: Sick Cards – SICK is a slightly inappropriate card game for kids 10 to 100 inspired by Mad Libs, Apples To Apples, and Cards Against Humanity.

4. Battle Valor Fantasy 15mm Tabletop Wargame Phase II

Project By: Edward Spettigue – Phase II of the Battle Valor Fantasy 15mm Kickstarter is focused specifically on bringing more of the amazing miniature range to life.

5. Prelude to Rebellion – Mobilization & Unrest in Lower Canada

Project By: Bill – Card-driven game on the events leading to the uprisings of Lower Canada in 1834-1837

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  • Here’s what I think is holding Scrooge back. I believe that this game has a theme disconnect the creators should have corrected early in the process. A Christmas Carol is a classic story of how Scrooge learns from the Ghosts of Christmas the error of his ways and recants his greediness. This Scrooge as an evil character laying traps and ghost chance cards are too much of a departure from the source content for an otherwise great looking family game. Here is another thing. The funding goal is too high for this game, so I am curious as to what is going on in the backend with manufacturing, fulfillment, etc. This sort of game should have been in the camp of $12k-15k if they are producing this for a US audience. Last critique: Roll shipping into the base pledge level for US backers. You might not like the way the world is, but Amazon and Kickstarter have all but solidified consumer expectations, and that means you need to play by those rules or risk losing support from US backers, the largest market on Kickstarter.
  • Slang N’ Friends is a CAH clone with a Ludacris endorsement. NEXT!
  • SICK is a CAH clone without a Ludacris endorsement. NEXT!
  • I have a piece of advice for Battle Valor campaign. Hire a graphic designer to piece together this campaign in a professional way. A little sparkle goes a long way in these types of campaigns. That advice extends to the real paper and pencil sketches of concepts. Also, one last thing. I want a war mammoth. That is all. 🙂
  • The Prelude to Rebellion campaign title brought me a little chuckle, as it is by far the most Canadian way to present a war-themed game. Mobilization and Unrest are about as devoid of rudeness as a Tim Hortons staying open 15 minutes late just in case. Anyway, for all my teasing, I think this product has legs. They just spent next to no money on the campaign presentation, so you see it lingering around $4k. Hire a graphic designer and superfund a relaunch is my best advice.