Mint Delivery Raised the Most Money LAST Week

Board Game Badger lists the top five funded campaigns and top five (un)funded campaigns from the prior week. These campaigns have only been active at most for one week. Be sure to watch the videos below and follow the links to learn more about the most funded new campaigns! You can register for a free account now to see my opinions on these campaigns!

Most Funded New Campaigns

1. Mint Delivery – The minty fresh pick up and deliver game

Project By: Five24 Labs – Mint Delivery is a refreshingly light pick up and deliver game that packs a surprising amount of depth into a pocket-sized tin.

2. The Island of El Dorado

Project By: Daniel Aronson – A strategic board game. Explore the island, gather its resources, and cross swords as you race to control powerful shrines.

3. Champions of Hara

Project By: Greenbrier Games INC – A funk-fantasy tabletop adventure with both cooperative and versus gameplay

4. World in Flames Collector’s Edition

Project By: Harry Rowland – International award winning WWII strategy game. Largest boardgame ever made, 2.27 m2. All major aircraft, naval and land units included

5. Stephenson’s Rocket – The classic board game returns!

Project By: Grail Games – In 1999, Dr Reiner Knizia designed a classic game about a classic train. Now, with A+ illustrator Ian O’Toole, we’re bringing it back!

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Most Funded Unfunded New Campaigns

DISCLAIMER. I am not a time lord. These campaigns may have funded in the time between the list being created and this post being published.

1. Andoria Battlefields

Project By: RAENTIK GAMES – Tired of choosing just one side? Command both the heroes and monsters simultaneously in a fast-paced, racing battle game!

2. Psionic: improve your mind abilities

Project By: Psionic Team – The latest game for brain development and improvement of your manual skills through the training of motor skills of the hands.

3. Darien Apocalypse

Project By: Ragnar Brothers – Scotland’s tragic attempt to found a New World colony; an extraordinary game experience. Can you defeat the Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

4. Wizard Duel – The Ultimate Wizardry Experience

Project By: NovaCorp Games – A revolutionary game based on original wand fighting mechanics.

5. Chronicles: The Game

Project By: Happy Gorilla Game Studio – Fantasy miniature strategy wargame game and online community rpg – engaging players both on and off the tabletop!

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