Numenera 2 Raised the Most Money LAST Week

Board Game Badger lists the top five funded campaigns and top five (un)funded campaigns from the prior week. These campaigns have only been active at most for one week. Be sure to watch the videos below and follow the links to learn more about the most funded new campaigns! You can register for a free account now to see my opinions on these campaigns!

Most Funded New Campaigns

1. Numenera 2: Discovery and Destiny

Project By: Monte Cook Games – Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks for Numenera.

2. Everlasting: the Best Wet Palette for miniature painting

Project By: Redgrass Games – Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games

3. Forbidden Lands – Retro Open-World Survival Fantasy RPG

Project By: Fria Ligan – Retro open-world fantasy RPG by the grand masters of Nordic roleplaying, based on the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero game system.

4. DRAGONLOCK 3: Dangerous Lairs

Project By: Tom Tullis – DRAGONLOCKā„¢ is a 3D printable snap-link dungeon and outdoor terrain system for RPGs and wargames. Join the 3D printing revolution!

5. Munchkin Holiday Grab Boxes

Project By: Steve Jackson Games – You’ll receive a combination of Munchkin expansions and/or blister packs, and cool accessories and swag!

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Most Funded Unfunded New Campaigns

DISCLAIMER. I am not a time lord. These campaigns may have funded in the time between the list being created and this post being published.

1. New World Magischola House Rivalry wizard school board game

Project By: Learn Larp, LLC. – An exciting wizard school adventure board game for 2-5 players where you attend class, cast spells, & compete for the First House Cup!

2. Iron Wars (Relaunch)

Project By: Juegorama – Survive with your Mech mercenary company. Co-op campaign and Competitive modes, tactical boardgame with amazing Mechs and miniatures!

3. H.P. Lovecraft’s ReAnimator Mystery Board Game

Project By: Dynamite Entertainment – Welcome to the spine tingling world of ReAnimator: a table top game of horror and mad science.

4. Penguin Brawl

Project By: RTK Studios – A card game about weapons, deception and back stabbing… but mostly it’s about penguins!

5. The Folio: Storyteller’s Arcana 1E & 5E gaming supplement

Project By: Scott Taylor – 1E & 5E Gaming Supplement for DMs and Players in the tradition of the old orange spine Arcana

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