Secrets of the Lost Station Raised the Most Money LAST Week

Board Game Badger lists the top five funded campaigns and top five (un)funded campaigns from the prior week. These campaigns have only been active at most for one week. Be sure to watch the videos below and follow the links to learn more about the most funded new campaigns! You can register for a free account now to see my opinions on these campaigns!

Most Funded New Campaigns

1. Secrets of the Lost Station

Project By: Everything Epic – The sci-fi cooperative story adventure game! It’s like an “RPG” “Choose-Your-Own Adventure” scenario board game with Miniatures!

2. The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena

Project By: IDW Games – The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena is a strategic sports board game for 2 players taking place in Nickelodeon’s Avatar universe.

3. Merlin & Pioneers

Project By: Queen Games – Merlin designed by Stefan Feld and Michael Rieneck AND Pioneers designed by Emanuele Ornella.

4. Conflicted: Survive the Apocalypse

Project By: Conflicted: The Survival Card Game – OVER 90% FUNDED IN 3 DAYS – The world is coming to an end and your survival depends on your strategic thinking and sense of humor.

5. Drinking Quest: Liquor Before Honor

Project By: Jason Anarchy – Drinking Quest is a light Tabletop RPG & a light Drinking Game. “Liquor Before Honor” is perfect for both new and returning players!

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  • The Secrets of the Lost Station relaunch is very much the “egg in your face” campaign for people (including me) who shout on a mountain that early birds are always bad all the time. The response to this is that you as a creator cultivate your community and that community always expects certain norms from you. If you build a community who demands early birds, you divert from that at risk of alienating your base. The long-term sustainable answer is to rip off that early bird band-aid, but this transition affects some creators more than others. I do want to explore a meta topic related to this campaign as well. Their first campaign was in New Jersey, and their relaunch is based in Brooklyn, New York. I wonder if there is something to be said about launching your campaign based in a metropolis over other locations. Happy to discuss this in the comments.
  • Welcome to the future of stretch goals, courtesy of a company I admire, IDW Games. I have been keeping an eye on campaigns which challenge the traditional definition of stretch goals because I do think they are in general damaging to the industry. What sets The Legend of Korra apart from other campaigns who’s creators have tried and failed to change the stretch goal model is strong storytelling. Not IP (on its own), not fancy footwork (on its own), and not even pretty miniatures components (on their own). Your entire product line should live and breathe on worldbuilding and storytelling on Kickstarter and beyond. The physical game is largely the product of the story, not visa versa. Great work.
  • If you would like to stay in your safe bubble of sunshine and rainbows, stay out of the comment section of Merlin & Pioneers. Queen Games has a bit of a reputation, much of it warranted in the mistakes and refusal to correct those mistakes of an earlier version of the company. Now they are reaping the rewards of that error, even though they produce quality games from A-List designers. The lesson? Don’t make promises you can’t keep and keep all the promises you make.
  • It doesn’t happen very often, but I am going to recommend that you don’t spend as much money on your Kickstarter video as the Conflicted team likely would have, were it not for the creators’ connection to a professional movie director. Instead, do exactly what this team did on the surface level. Use your professional skills in combination with your team to make the campaign a success. Outsourcing skills can become expensive.
  • Drinking Quest has a built-in pre-Kickstarter audience, so you would be right to question whether you too could repeat this success, but I think it absolutely is possible. Nerds drink too. Also, you know from this campaign that there is very much an audience for this sort of hybrid geek-culture/bro-culture game.


Most Funded Unfunded New Campaigns

DISCLAIMER. I am not a time lord. These campaigns may have funded in the time between the list being created and this post being published.

1. War Titans: Invaders Must Die!

Project By: Crawling Chaos Games – Choose a Pilot and take control of colossal robots in this cooperative board game rich in amazing miniatures and multiple scenarios!

2. Conspiracy Theory

Project By: Steve Jackson Games – Steve Jackson, creator of Illuminati and INWO, returns to the murky land of conspiracies!

3. The Dawn of the Archmage – A Miniatures Game

Project By: Dave Killingsworth – 2-4 player game of miniatures, mages, & monsters. Battle with monsters in gladiatorial combat for the right to be the ARCHMAGE!

4. Black Souls 2.0 – Cheaper. Better. More.

Project By: Medieval Lords – Become a Level Designer & design the toughest dungeon crawler – But you must lead a party through that very same level and survive it!


Project By: TABLEWAR(TM) – Transparent gaming surface with a Grid for use in role playing and tabletop miniature games

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  • The name of the game on Kickstarter is MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT. War Titans ignores the most important part of that equation, so even though they have raised a lot of money overall, it is not enough to prove successful. I would advise the team go back to the drawing board and cut out everything which would not break the game. Then take that product, run through the manufacturing and fulfillment scenarios, and come back to KS with a much lower goal and much more stretch goals. Also, lose the retailer pledge. Most retailers cannot stand Kickstarter because backing ties their money up for 6-12 months, and the ones who do buy games can do so off the platform.
  • First, the video is fine on Conspiracy Theory. Keep doing that. Here is some tough love I will impart to Steve Jackson Games (I think they can handle it). Spend more money on the story of the campaign. What is there now is too bare bones to take seriously. Also, spend some money on GIFs of the old to new versions of your games if you continue to update older titles. Furthermore, either stop doing early birds or feather enough early birds to carry you over the finish line. Lastly, you don’t need $30k to make this game. You just want $30k to fund a larger print run, but that isn’t how demand on Kickstarter works. Kickstarter backers are bandwagoners. So if you want $30k, ask for $15k. Then, after you fund, the backers will come in larger numbers.
  • Dave is experiencing what a lot of repeat creators experience when they depart from their traditional base of supporters. I have seen it happen enough times to know that when you change pricing brackets dramatically, you need to treat it as if you were starting from scratch with an entirely new set of backers. Even to the point of not relying on your existing mailing base to carry you to funding. Past that, it’s the same model. Most people in The Dawn of the Archmage campaign are spending $70 on this $60k goal. That means Dave needs to launch with 850 people in mind for this game, or he has launched prematurely. That seems to have happened twice now, but maybe this lesson didn’t stick the first time? I wish Dave the best exploring this project further, but I hope he knows 850 people ready to give him $70 on day one next time.
  • I am going to take this opportunity to plug Quartermaster Logistics, as Medieval Lords did in the opening of their campaign. If you are creating something which needs to eventually be mailed to customers, you are doing yourself a disservice by not at least getting a quote from these guys. I am happy to connect anyone who messages me with their team. One nitpicking item from the Black Souls campaign since I do think they will fund eventually. Make all of the components and boxes bigger in the artwork assets. Stretch all the graphics longer to make room for full-sized component graphics.
  • We are rounding out this week with an accessory campaign. My advice for GEO Mats? Hire a graphic designer. Your homebaked skills for headers and font work are not carrying the campaign.