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March 18

An anomaly has been detected in Sector 1357! Galaxy-wide destruction is assured and you only have 3 cycles to relocate all of the sector’s inhabitants to an uninhabited planet outside of the range of the cataclysmic event! All of the Ambassadors are urging you, the scientists of the United Space Federation, to ensure that the members of their species are being taken care of according to their special needs.

Can you design the best possible city to meet the diverse needs of the Terramorphs, Neridians, Cephalons, and Replicons that will seek refuge on the inhospitable planet? If you do, you’ll be hailed as a saviour by the entire sector!

In Complexcity, you plan your city using tiles that show the habitats of the various alien species. When you form Complexes with these Habitat Tiles, by enclosing habitats with Transport Rails, you can use the aliens’ abilities to further develop your city, affect your opponents’ cities, or influence the various Ambassadors. At the end of each cycle, you will compare your city to the cities designed by the neighbors to either side of you and gain Influence accordingly. If you have the most Influence at the end of 3 cycles, your plan is used by the USF to save Sector 1357 and you win the game!


March 18
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