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Mech Force: International Defense League

March 5

Mech Force is a semi cooperative game for 2-4 players. Take on the role of a fearless mech warrior, and defend Earth from invasion!

Build your mech, gain ‘Battle dice’, and inflict massive damage to the enemy. Every successful engagement will earn you Battle Points (BPS), skill cards and resources, allowing you to upgrade your warrior and mech.

But beware, many enemies will be too powerful to take on alone so you’ll need to work with others to defend the planet. But how much and with who is your choice, as a problem shared means half the reward and, more importantly, half the fame. After all, you can’t put the world’s finest mech warriors in the same room and not expect some ‘friendly’ rivalry!

Don’t be too greedy though, if the threat level climbs too high, Earth will be overrun and everyone loses!