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Rusty Industry

April 22

A competitive and fast-paced engine builder with an economy driven by supply and demand–all explained in four pages.

– Build and buy advanced facilities to strengthen your economy.
– Fulfill contracts to earn victory points.
– Trade with others by getting money for your goods.
– Exchange your goods.
– Invest your earnings back into your company for massive growth.
– Compete for limited space on shipping vessels.

Start small and grow exponentially before your rivals do the same!

In Rusty Industry, you are encouraged to trade by a special scoring system

Rusty Kingdom needs you!
In a quiet farming community on the outskirts of the capitol city, a community of peasants makes an incredible discovery: beneath their fields lay the ruins of an advanced society. All of this commotion quickly comes to the attention of the Rusty King, the boisterous monarch of the land, whose love of riches knows no bounds.

The king devises an ingenious plan to establish a great industrial empire: assemble the brightest minds across the continents, divide the rusty ruins of old industry among them, and pit them against each other to compete for a hefty sum of the profits.You play as one of the king’s chosen entrepreneurs: buying buildings, trading with competitors, and upgrading your facilities to maximize your product output. Complete orders and clash with rivals to build your industrial empire from the ground up. The future of your company–and your new empire–depends on it!


April 22
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