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January 2019

INSURED : The Survival Based Board Game

January 18 - February 22

INSURED is a survival based board game for 3-8 players in a Battle Royale settings. Each game takes about 20-60 minutes of gameplay. Each player will start by choosing a character of unique abilities. After selection, players can either race against each other to be the first to fulfill the game objectives or eliminate everyone to earn themselves a way back to their original world. However, that is not the only obstacle they would have to face. As the world…

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PARKS: A Keymaster Game

January 29

PARKS is a celebration of our National Parks featuring illustrious art from the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series. Players will take on the role of two hikers as they trek across different trails during four seasons of the year. Each trail represents one season of the year, and with each season’s passing, the trails will change and grow steadily longer. Each turn, players will send one of their hikers down the Trail. While on the Trail, hikers will land on a site—such…

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February 2019

Movie Empire

February 5

2-4 players | 60-120 min | 12+ Movie Empire is a combination of worker placement and set collection with a twist. Get resources to produce movies and plan ahead to win prestigious awards - but don't forget to please your boss, as his sympathy to you has an influence on your assets.

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Unsolved Mysteries: El Ancora de Fuego

February 12

Unsolved Mysteries: El Ancora de Fuego is a narrative adventure that can be played alone or in cooperative of survival, terror and mystery. It's 2018. William Carter is a Brooklyn detective who reopens and investigates old unsolved archived cases, whose evidence were chilling, inconclusive or potentially supernatural. In the case that Carter is currently investigating several mental patients escaped from an asylum in Japan in 1902 after experiencing demonic activity. Everything becomes darker as the investigation goes deeper and he…

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Tome of Heroes (A 5e Supplement)

February 15

Tome of Heroes is a book featuring Characters and NPC's for your 5e Dungeons and Dragons games featuring over 70 heroes. Not only will you be getting these amazing heroes, but there will also be some new spells, abilities and magic items as well.  Each character in the book will also be illustrated and we have cultivated a wide range of artists and styles.  We hope that you not only will find characters you will love, but some that will…

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March 2019

FlamingOs Card Game

March 19

FlamingOs is a fun card game for 2–5 players. Players take turns drawing cards, pairing mingos to earn shrimp. 10 shrimp points earn a player 1 O card. The first player to get 3 O cards wins. But watch out! There are cards that can hurt or help a player’s advancement to win. FlamingOs takes less than 10 minutes to learn and plays about 20–40 minutes.

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Don’t Get Stabbed!

March 26

ONE PLAYER IS THE KILLER THE REST ARE VICTIMS DON’T GET STABBED! is a party card game where you get to kill your family and friends (for pretend). The killer wins by killing all the victims. The victims win by escaping. Everyone takes turns drawing cards. If a victim gets three STAB cards, they DIE! But they can use ACTION cards to avoid getting stabbed. And they can use COMBO cards for a chance at escaping. But the killer has special powers.…

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