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The journey begins June 4. Join us on Kickstarter for When Cutie Met Patootie!

Kickstarter Consultation

Kickstarter Consultation

I have worked with countless new creators with the goal of helping them become successful game publishers. Meeting once per week on Skype leading to the Kickstarter launch, we’ll cover manufacturing, logistics, marketing, Kickstarter campaign layouts, and press opportunities.


Kickstarter Launch Calendar

Know your campaign launch date? Share your event with my readers and learn about the campaigns you will be sharing the platform with during your campaign!

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Kickstarter Launch Calendar

Daniel on the Road

Through my work with LongPack Games Manufacturing, you’ll often see me at various industry conventions and trade shows. Next up, you can find me at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio. Be sure to stop and say hello!

Featured Group: Board Game Fitness Challenge

Do you have what it takes to lose weight and win games? Each quarter, I help run a weight loss competition where the top three competitors win game prizes! Improve your health and join this passionate community!

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Featured Group: Board Game Fitness Challenge

Featured Collaborations

Here are some really great games I would love for you to support.

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