Retail Backers

Posted by Daniel Zayas May 30, 2018 in

In order to be eligible to back any Kickstarter by The Daniel Zayas Company at the Friendly Local Game Shop pledge, backers must be a certified retailer for resale. I will individually verify each Retail backer. Any backer who I cannot verify I will cancel and refund your pledge. All verification will be at the discretion of The Daniel Zayas Company.

Commitment to You
I have worked very closely with owners of FLGS locations around the world in order to ensure you are taken care of as a retail backer of one of my games. In fact, I helped launch a Facebook Group to serve as a think tank for improving Kickstarter campaigns for retailers. I am invested in making Kickstarter a success not just for myself but for the entire board game crowdfunding and retail community.

Payment Deadline
Payment details for your retail order of When Cutie Met Patootie will be disclosed to backers at the retail pledge level closer to time for fulfillment. About one month prior to fulfillment, all retail orders must be finalized and paid for. Retailers who wish to cancel their interest in ordering When Cutie Met Patootie will not receive a refund for their $11 pledge but may use their balance at any time to place a future order with The Daniel Zayas Company.

Retailer Restriction
The Daniel Zayas Company is enforcing a Minimum-Advertised-Price for When Cutie Met Patootie for the full MSRP of $39.99 USD within the time leading to the fulfillment of retail Kickstarter orders. This is done to maintain the value of this game product while also providing fair competition opportunity to all retail supporters. Any verified reports I receive disclosing that a retailer is discounting When Cutie Met Patootie pre-orders will result in an automatic refund and cancellation of that retailer’s order.