The Best Campaigns of Christmas Day

Posted by Daniel Zayas December 25, 2018 in Board Game Badger

All backer counts are recorded simultaneously before publishing. Numbers may have adjusted since the time of publishing.

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon

34,516 Backers

The World’s Most Versatile Painting Handle and Grip Returns!

1,923 Backers

War for Chicken Island

1,859 Backers

Folded Space – Board Game Inserts Campaign 3

1,721 Backers

☕️ Chai—An Immersive Tea Board Game!

1,240 Backers

Dized: The Best Way To Learn Board Games

1,154 Backers

Ogre Battlefields

1,020 Backers

Into the Wyrd and Wild

806 Backers

Silent Titans

805 Backers

Valda — race to the gods — a boardgame by Nathan Vermeulen

525 Backers